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Flagpole Halyard rope, cleats and Snap hooks

Buying a halyard rope and flagpole cleat is essential for any outdoor flagpole display. Halyard rope is the rope used to raise and lower your flag on your flagpole. All our halyard ropes are designed to withstand long-term outdoor use and feature inter-woven threads making for one of the toughest flagpole ropes around. Choose from our popular white polyester, white wire and brown polyester halyard ropes. Wired rope features a steel wire that runs through the center of the rope for added strength, these ropes are ideal for use with extra-large flags in extreme weather conditions.

When ordering halyard ropes on our website, keep in mind that rope is sold in 1 foot increments. To buy ropes measuring longer than 1’ adjust the quantity field accordingly. For example, if you need a 15’ rope, you will enter 15 in the quantity area. When buying halyard rope make sure to get a rope measuring twice the length of your flagpole. For a 20’ flagpole you will want to purchase 40’ of rope to ensure you have enough rope to reach from your cleat through the pulley at the top and back down.

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22 Item(s)

Flagpole cleats are attached to the flagpole a few feet from the ground. They are used to secure your halyard after raising or lowering your flag. Our flagpole cleats can be directly attached to the shaft of outdoor flagpoles. Flagpole cleats are essential for flagpoles with external halyard systems and allow you flag to be raised to a desired height. Our flagpole cleats are available in fiberglass, bronze and aluminum. We also offer several types of cleat lock boxes for added security. These lock boxes can be installed around the cleat to only allow access to authorized personnel.

Don’t forget to replace your flagpole hooks! We carry an assortment of snap hooks which are used to attach your flag to the halyard rope using the brass grommets. If you have any questions on which flagpole cleat or which halyard rope to buy do not hesitate to give us a call.