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Outdoor Flagpole Accessories

Our range of outdoor flagpole accessories has everything you will need when considering a new outdoor flag display. Our outdoor accessories are also perfect if you’re looking for replacement parts for your existing outdoor flagpole. Outdoor accessories include parts that would fit any outdoor flagpole or flag that you plan to use. 


Our outdoor flagpole fittings include a wide variety of halyard rope made of polyester or with a wire core and several colors to compliment your flagpole. The range also includes an extensive collection of cleats and cleat cover boxes for security. In addition to these components we also house a variety of outdoor flagpole ornaments including aluminum and fiberglass ornaments with a range of colors to choose from to match your flagpole’s finish. 

Flagpole trucks or halyard rope holders are a vital part of any outdoor flagpole. Our outdoor flagpole accessories section also houses our range of flagpole trucks which are available as stationary or revolving aluminum cast iron pieces. Like trucks, flagpole lighting is essential to every outdoor flag display. Our collection of flagpole lighting includes a host of solar powered flagpole lights and conventional wired above ground lighting systems for commercial flag displays.

Our range of outdoor flagpole parts includes a variety of other accessories like flag snap hooks and internal halyard components. Our flag snap hooks are made of fiberglass, brass and nickel plated zinc. We also offer snap hook covers to keep your snap hook from causing damage to your flagpole. Also see our Flag pole brackets for outdoor sets.

Our in-house experts are available to answer any questions that you might have about which accessory or flagpole fittings you need. Carrot-Top prides itself on being able to find solutions to your problems.

For delivery by Memorial Day, please call 800.628.3524 by 1pm EST on Friday, 5/27 to place your order with expedited shipping if available for your location. Orders placed online are not guaranteed delivery by Monday, 5/30. 

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