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Parade Accessories and Flag Cases

Our parade accessories section houses products to make your parade flag or banner display as convenient as possible and make it stand out in a crowd. Parade flags require a durable and portable design; our parade flagpoles feature jointed poles with lock joints. These jointed poles can be assembled and dismantled in minutes; the jointed poles can be easily transported to your parade site or display venue with ease! 

19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)

Our parade accessories include perfectly sized carrying bags for your parade flags. The bags fit not only the flagpoles but flags as well. These protective storage bags feature a waterproof design and straps for easy carrying purposes. Simply dismantle the flagpole and wrap the flag around the top half for easy storage and carrying. Our accessories also include the vital parade flag carrying belts. We offer a variety of carrying belts for different sized flags and different purposes. Carrying belts are also available in black and white with single straps or double straps. We even offer leather carrying belts for more formal parades. 

Our parade accessories feature white parade gloves. The gloves come in three different sizes with 3-row stitching on the back of the hand and textured palm and finger areas for extra grip when carrying a flagpole. The gloves are made of tough durable cotton and are great for use over long periods of time. We also carry several other products like streamer holders and flag spreaders to make your parade and indoor flag displays easier to handle and better looking. Browse through our products and call us regarding any concerns, our dedicated experts are always eager to help.

Our flag cases are available for indoor display and storage for American flags. The cases are available in several finishes and also include a set with a flag case and American flag. 

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