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Appliquéd Banners

The word appliqué is derived from the French work appliquer, which means to "put on" or "apply". Our appliquéd banners are made by sewing a cutout of your design onto a nylon background material. This technique produces a beautifully detailed and textured fabric with dimension.Our appliquéd banners have been a customer favorite for special events, college recognitions as well as milestones in a business.

No Job Is Too Big For Carrot-Top! Prestigious sports complexes such as the Dean E. Smith Center at the University of North Carolina as well as Shaw University trust Carrot-Top Industries for their detailed custom products.

Custom Appliqed Banners at UNC

How does the appliquéd banner come to be? We start with your digital artwork in an Adobe Illustrator format or lines and curves, which is plotted onto paper using small holes to determine the path. The paper cutout of your artwork is then positioned over the colored fabric of your choice, pinned into place, and then stencil in to show through to the fabric below it.

The cloth pattern is then sewn in a zig-zag format onto the fabric below it where once completely sewn on, the edges of the pattern are cut off to leave a clean edge. Once all the design has been sewn into place the banner is hemmed to your specifications with a pole sleeve or other attachment.

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Please call 800.628.3524 for assistance with ordering your custom applied banner. Our customer service agents can walk you through the process of getting started as well as provide you with a proof of your banner design.

Examples of custom appliqued banners:

Custom Sewn Auditorium Banners

Custom Appliqued Banners


What kind of artwork is required to produce the banner?

For custom appliqued banners, all files must be vector. This means that the artwork created must be comprised of outlines, not pixels. All fonts used within the file should also be converted to outlines to avoid font substitution from occurring if we do not have the font that you used. We will accept font files if you are unable to convert the font to outlines.

Adobe IllustratorWe recommend using Adobe Illustrator CS3 and below for all of your artwork creation. If you have a version of Illustrator higher than CS3, we recommend saving the file down before sending to make sure artwork loads correctly. Acceptable file types includes .ai, .eps and .pdf. Please be sure to include any applicable Pantone colors if they are used to make sure we match your colors correctly.

Please note: Even if the artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator or, saving it as one of the following formats does not guarantee the file is an acceptable format. Our on-staff graphic artists will evaluate your artwork to ensure it is suitable for banner production before your order is processed.

What if I don't have the correct format artwork? Our on-staff graphic artists are here to help. For a small fee, they can recreate your logo or design for you in the proper format, ensuring you will have a quality looking banner.