Swinger Wo/Wo Sidewalk Sign

Starting At: $179.25
Swinger wo/wo signs will keep your message in place for all to see. These signs come with neon markers and replacement markers are also available. These Sidewalk Signs have molded plastic frame constructed with super strong materials and are built for outdoor use. Sign face panels are available in black or white. To order your Swinger wipe on- wipe off sidewalk sign select the color of choice, choose a quantity and click “Add to Cart”. For more information about Swinger wo/wo sidewalk signs see the description tab below.

Swinger wo/wo Sidewalk Signs are a wonderful way to greet your guests, customers, or students.  These write on/ wipe off signs have a double-sided face which measures 24”x 36”and a strong plastic frame with steel cross-tubes and no slide feet. The message on your Swinger write on- wipe off sign may be erased with Windex and quickly rewritten.  These signs require minimal assembly.

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Name Swinger Wo/Wo Sidewalk Sign
SKU SwingMarkerBoard
Price $179.25
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