Waterhog™ Grand Classic Mats

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Our Commercial Grand Classic Waterhog™ mats are designed for high traffic areas and are ideal for commercial use in restaurants, hotels, office building, health care facilities and more.

These mats are anti-static and certified slip-resistant by the National Floor safety institute. The Grand Classic Waterhog™ mats are available in three sizes and designs, the 2-end, 1-end and ½ oval shapes, each of these mat designs are available in 7 color options and two different backings for carpeted and smooth floors. For more information about sizing and colors see the description tab below.

The Grand Classic Waterhog™ mats are perfect to use in commercial spaces because of their durability in high traffic areas. These commercial mats come with a rubber backing and a 3/8” thick, 100% UV resistant polypropylene fabric on top. The polypropylene fabric is a rubbery material that dries extremely fast and is able to absorb water off shoes.

The rubber backing fitted on to the mat allows it to stay in a fixed position due to its anti-static slip resistant capabilities. The backing is also made of 20% recycled materials making the product eco-friendly. The molded rubber backing resists curling or cracking. This scrape/wiper type commercial mat will retain dust/dirt in the grooves of the top fabric making for a clean floor around it. The grooves also prevent dust from getting onto wet shoes and being spread around.


The Commercial Waterhog™ grand classic mats are available in three styles:

1-End Grand classic mats Mats – These mats feature a rectangular shaped mat with one end fitted with a half oval.

2-end Grand classic mats – These mats feature the same rectangular portion as the 1-end mats but instead of one side being fitted with the oval both end of the rectangle are extended and rounded off with ½ ovals.

1/2 –oval Grand classic mats – Half oval mats are half-moons of half circles that are smaller than the 1-side or 2-side mats. These commercial mats provide a unique look.


All mats are available in bordeaux, charcoal, dark drown, evergreen, medium blue, medium grey and red/black. All mats are available with a cleated backing or a smooth backing. The cleated backing is perfect for use with a carpeted floor and the smooth backing is ideal for use with smooth floors like wood, tile etc. All of these mats are made in the U.S.A. Size may vary up to 3%

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