"Carrot-Top Industries and most especially Melissa Rigsbee was an incredible find for our organization. In 2012 we were purchasing flags from another well know vendor but had continual product and shipping delays. This is when Melissa came to light. This year they supplied us with just over 80,000 American flags which were top quality and American made. Then came the service, Their pricing beat our old cost by almost 8 cents per flag which when we look to buy a few hundred thousand next year and more each year after really adds up. The most satisfying and stress relieving aspect was delivery. While there are hundreds of small details we must coordinate to ensure a proper flag placement my biggest fear was the flags would not be here in time. This was due to our previous vendors continual missed ship dates.

 I can tell you with certainty that when Carrot-Top gives you a date the flags will arrive you can rest assured they will be there. I know this from multiple transactions over the past 8 months. Carrot-Top and Melissa understand our organization and what we are trying to accomplish and do everything in their power to help us succeed.

 If you want everything to fall in place and want to purchase top quality American Made products then use Carrot-Top. I know our organization would never consider using another company."

- Bob, Flags for Fallen Vets


"This past Veteran's Day, Grace Lutheran Church in Bishop, Ca. chose to honor its Veterans with a flag placed in the front yard. We wrote the names of each member who was a Veteran and his Service Branch on each pole. In addition for those members who had died within the last 5 years we also added black ribbons to their flag. We have a nice rock outcropping in front of the Church and early that Sunday morning we placed the flags in the ground. It was an amazing site when people drove into the parking lot."

-Michael, Bishop, CA

"This flag is displayed from our front porch every day, although we do bring it in when we get sustained strong winds for a prolonged period of time. It usually lasts us about 1 1/2 to 2 years. I am so proud to display this flag and the feeling I get when I see it in front of my house. Sitting on my living room couch this past Holiday Season, my left view was the Christmas tree and my right view was the American flag just outside the window - two of my favorite things! I was so happy with my latest purchase. My dad (a US Veteran), was at my house for the holidays and when I realized I wanted the flag to look its best and ordered a replacement, I told him it would be here for Christmas and it arrived just in time!"

-Jane, Brookeville, MD 

"I display this flag on a very high flag pole atop an incline in my back yard, so it easily catches any breeze. Living in Kentucky, we experience most every weather condition known to man and this flag withstands it all! I replace the flag every 2 years as I begin to notice fading of the colors. What I especially appreciate is that the flag is made in the USA! Also, Carrot-Top customer service is the absolute best! This is the only place I go to buy flags of any type."

-Madelyn, Glasgow, KY

"I try to replace my flag annually as it fly's every day and night they do fade and wear. however sometimes it is cost prohibitive to do just that, so I am still able to get 2 years out of your quality products. I am one of those flag waving patriotic people with the American flag all over my property. I am also a disabled American veteran and have been in 3 wars to help keep that flag flying. thank you for your quality service."

-James Rigney. Preston, CT

"Your flags have lasted longer and looked better than any others I've tried over a lot of years. I was thrilled when a customer service rep noticed I had accidently ordered an indoor flag instead of the outdoor ones I usually get and contacted me to see which one I really wanted GREAT JOB"

-Clark, Pheonix, AZ

"Bought these flags to put up for the "Run For The Wall" event in May. The run stops overnight in our hometown and we feed them. Last year I bought American Flags and wanted the POW-MIA flags to alternate them around the venue where they come in. We will be able to use them every year afterwards."

-Martha, Grand Prairie, TX

"I help with managing a community cemetery, which operates on donations and for the money we spent, the board of trustees are very pleased with the product we received and the speed in which it was delivered. Thank You Carrot-Top for your help and in deciding on which size to use and the type of Pole needed for our application."

-Johnny, White Pine, TN

"Large flags wear out fast because of their size in the wind. We purchased our last flag from you and it was the first flag that has lasted longer than 6 months--it lasted 1 year! Thank you for this high quality product."

-Nobles, Janesville, WI

"Always get a quality product & great service at Carrot-Top!"

-Arrowhead Lodge, Kabetogama, MN

"The winds whistling through the knobs of south-central Kentucky are murder on flags. Carrot-Top flags have stood up the longest. The second-best feature is when I call, the flags are here almost before we can get the last one down and are easy to install."

-Ann, Horse Cave, KY

"The flag flies around the clock, and has a light on it. Your flags are the best."

-Carl Landers, Niantic, CT

"I proudly fly my American Flag at my home and have for fifty years. I love the quality of Carrot-top flags and the customer service is outstanding! It is nice to deal with a company that cares about their product line and their customers." 

-Diane D. Scott, Clinton, IN


"We use the flags in our courtyard at the Police Dept. The quality is good, and they hold up quite well. The customer service department is great, always polite and fast delivery!"

-Teresa, Centerville, GA


"These mats are great for any business doorways or even front desk areas. They have a very elegant look and also does a great job with keeping the floor area around it clean as it attracts the dirt from shoes. I would reccomend this product for any school or business. We ordered several including a custom one for our office."

-Fair Oaks Ranch Community School, Santa Clarita, CA


"My flag flies outside everyday, it is very colorful and draws attention. Your service was great and your staff is most helpful. Delievery was very quick."

-Lou the Plumber, Vineland, NJ


"Your Patriarch® polyester is the best I've ever flown. I live in a canyon and have a lot of wind."

-Pearl Harville, Redding, CA


"Carrot-Top's excellent service and high quality products are why I have been a proud customer since the eighties. Keep up the good work, service, and the top-of-the-line products"

-Hillman Crowell, Mid-America Growth & Development Corp., Columbia, MO


"We ordered flagpoles, military service flags, bronze military seals and custom bronze plaques from Carrot-Top Industries. In each case, the product and quality of service received were outstanding."

-Ernest W. Moore, Co-Chairman Veterans Memorial Committee, Havana, FL


"I own a telescoping pole and three flags from Carrot-Top. My neighbors and family agree that they are the best on the market. Keep up the good work."

-Robert Edwards, Asheboro, NC


"Your flags are made of excellent materials. I fly them 24 hours in cemeteries."

-Curtis Murphy, Danville, VA


"The custom-made flag that we received from Carrot-Top Industries has made a big impression with our students, faculty and parents. We took our faded and frayed school flag and mail it to Carrot-Top. It was that easy. In just a few weeks a bright and colorful flag came in the mail. The people at Carrot-Top did everything."

-Beth Weatherford, Ouachita Christian School, Monroe, LA


"We are a county government & your products are used at our numerous locations. Your products are of high quality & your service rate high. Keep up the good work! Thank you!"

-Suzette Sandford, Yorkville, IL