Sponsored Street Banners

Generate Revenue With Our Street Banner Sponsorship Program! 

Carrot-Top Industries has over 30 years of experience finding solutions and meeting the needs of cities towns and counties. We understand the importance of maintaining and preserving your city or town’s Main Street area and that is why we developed the Street Banner Sponsorship Program.

Here is how the program works - you select a design (View Our Gallery) or work with our design team to create a custom banner series. ­Then, you give businesses, community associations and local organizations the opportunity to sponsor a street banner in exchange for advertising placement. When all the banners are installed, you will receive coordinated visual impact that boosts community pride and promotes local businesses. You can use a sponsorship program for annual events, or for year-round promotions and the program pays for itself and in most cases produces excess revenue for the city.

Street Banner Sponsorship Steps: 

1. Choose a street banner design. Our experienced designers will help you create the perfect look for your city.

2. Contact Carrot-Top Industries to discuss your selections and pricing.

3. Contact local committees and officials to approve the project for your city.

4. Use our sponsorship agreement form to ask for endorsements from local businesses.

5. Use local media to generate interest in the program.

6. Submit your order and decorate your city!

Call us today or get a quote online to start setting up your own sponsorship program: 800.628.3524

Street Banners Sponsorship Examples:
Sponsor Street Banners

Custom Art IconWhat kind of artwork is required to produce the digital banner?

For custom digital banner, all files must be vector. This means that the artwork created must be comprised of outlines, not pixels. All fonts used within the file should also be converted to outlines to avoid font substitution from occurring if we do not have the font that you used. We will accept font files if you are unable to convert the font to outlines.

Custom Banner design help Having trouble coming up with your design? Our experienced graphic artists are here to help! They can assist you with everything from designing a unique city seal to helping you celebrate a downtown special event. Our designers and customer service agents will work closely with you to conceptualize a logo to boost your identity street banners but for years to come around your town.  

Already have a logo but it is not in the correct format? We can help you convert your logo to the best format to achieve only the highest printing standards and sharpest look around. Even blurry or pixelated art can be recreated!