Don't let your special event or anniversary go unnoticed!

Over the last 30 years Carrot Top has helped 1000’s of towns, cities, schools, businesses, and civic organizations celebrate anniversaries and special events. Our expert graphic artists have designed flags, street banners, pennant strings, mats and yes, even trash receptacles as points of celebration for small towns to some of the post prestigious universities in the United States. Give us a call at 800.628.FLAG (3524) and let us help you get started with spotlighting your great event or anniversary!

Business Anniversary Products

Business: Celebrate Your Accomplishments

For any business celebrating an anniversary is an opportunity to reinforce the organizations stability with key stakeholders. Employees are proud of the business they have helped build. Customers are reassured and confident in your products and services.

Anniversaries can also be used to drive business and Carrot-Top Industries and help. Our skilled expert graphic designers have created many custom banners, flags and more for businesses big and small.

Custom School Products

Schools & Universities: Honor Years of School Spirit

Celebrate the accomplishments and alumni of your school over the past 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 years. Imagine the pride of students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni while walking on campus and seeing specially created pole banners, flags, and even trash cans with the school logo and anniversary.

Carrot-Top Industries has teamed with schools of all sizes from elementary to the largest universities and all budgets to create a one of a kind memorable anniversary. Learn more about our custom school products here, including examples from over 50 custom products we've designed for schools, including school flags, special event university banners and even event tents!

Custom Anniversary City Products

Towns & Cities: Show Off Your Heritage

Honor the rich and colorful history of your town or city. Most towns celebrate 10, 25, 50, 100 years, all multiples of 10 or 25. These anniversaries instill pride and remind people of the trust and stability your town has achieved over the years. Whether it's a celebration in the whole town or a special downtown location, custom products bring awareness while brightening your location giving your town a fresh look for your residents and tourists.

Celebrating anniversaries that are the multiples of 10 and 25 are great, but what about all the other years. Celebrating the 33rd or 46th or 89th anniversary will bring attention to you town or city and will attract attention, even national attention. Why be like all the other towns, make your anniversary standout. This is what Carrot-Top Industries does.

Where to go from here...

Custom Art IconSo you're ready to start planning for your special event? Give us a call at 800.628.FLAG (3524) and speak with one of our customer service representatives who can get you started on celebrating your special occasion! It's never to early to gear up for your once in a lifetime moment for your business, town, organization or school!

Have an idea for your big day but don't know where to start? Our expert graphic artist have crafted street banners, flags, pennant strings, entrance mats, and even trash cans as anniversary celebration objects for cities and towns. In these tough economic times Carrot-Top Industries can make your anniversary stand-out for all the rest. Call 800.628.3524 to speak with a customer service representative and to start planning today.