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Carrot-Top helps you tackle your school’s needs from a visitor or student’s first impression to embracing school spirit.

School Layout

number 1 Campus Entrance & Grounds

Outdoor American and Custom Street Banner

The Classics: Outdoor American Flags >

  • Cover your school's basics by welcoming students, staff and visitors with a flagpole and American flag.

The Twist: Custom Street Banners >

  • Let your school spirit shine by mounting custom street banners to your light poles in your main parking area or along your sidewalk.

number 2 Administrative Offices & Principal's Office

The Classics: Indoor Custom Flags > 

  • Boost school pride with a custom school spirit flag featurning your choice of colors and logo finished with a pole sleeve for display on any standard indoor set.

The Twist: Custom Logo Floor Mats >

  • Custom entrance mats will keep this high traffic area clean and dry while showing off your school logo or motto.
Custom Indoor Mounting Set and Custom Floor Mat

number 3 Classrooms

Classroom U.S. Flag and State Flag

The Classics: Classroom Flag >

The Twist: State Flags >

  • Honor your state and upgrade your classrooms with your state's flag. 


number 4 Auditorium

The Classics: Indoor Flag Sets >

  • Address students and visitors in style with an official U.S. and State Indoor set and a classic podium for your auditorium stage.

The Twist: Custom Podium Decal >

Podium and Custom decal

number 5 Athletic Fields & Gymnasiums

American Gym Flag and Cheer Runner Flag

The Classics: Gym US Flag >

  • Every gym and athletic field needs a large U.S. flag on display for all sporting events. For special ceremonies on your field, shop our American Field Flag in a range of sizes. 

The Twist: Custom Products >

  • Take your gym and athletic fields to the next level with custom school spirit products like a cheer runner flag or custom break away banner. Display your athletic accomplishments with custom championship banners. Keep guests and visitors informed with custom signs or decals designating food and drink rules.