Top 5 School Spirit Ideas


5 Ways to show school spirit


Pep rallies, school spirit events and school spirit products set the tone for the student body by demonstrating passion for your school. There are many fun ways to engage with your student and teachers.  See our TOP 5 School Spirit day ideas.



Break-away banners to intimidate your opponents

10'x12’ Polyester Break-Away Banners 

Ideal school spirit idea for football games

• Intimidate the competition before the first whistle is blown
• 10’x12’ durable polyester material features Velcro center seam for use at every game
• Custom designed to feature your logo/mascot and message

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Cheer Runner Flag to energize the crowd.

Nylon Custom Cheer Runner Flags 

Perfect option for school spirit days and events

• Pump up the crowd at assemblies, sporting events and rallies
• Lightweight, durable nylon material is easy to carry and flutters at jogging speed
• Available in 3'x5’, 4'x6’, 5'x8’, 6'x10’ or 8'x12’ and designed by you to show your team spirit

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Mesh Street Banners to enhance your campus

Digital 12oz Vinyl Mesh Street Banners 

Perfect for Higschool spirit week

• Show off your school spirit at your athletics fields
• Wind-proof, doubled-sided vinyl mesh banners printed with vibrant UV resistant inks
• Available in 17"x36”, 23"x48”, 30"x60”, or 30"x84” to showcase your
  motto, logo, mascot, or team players designed by you

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Custom Logo Mat to promote your school

Classic Impressions Custom Logo Mats 

Make a great 1st Impression

• Greet students, staff and visitors at the door while keeping your entrance areas clean and safe
• Made from static-dissipating nylon material with 20% post-consumer recycled rubber backing
   for no slip on smooth or carpeted floors, easy to maintain and clean
• Available in sizes ranging from 3'x4’ to 6'x12’, choose from 25 colors to match your school colors
   and add your logo or mascot

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Custom Floor Decal to motivate your students

Classic Floor Decals 

Ideal way to show your school spirit in hallways and classrooms

• Inspire students and visitors every day in your school all year long 
• Made of high quality, durable  vinyl for use on smooth floors, adhesive backing is non-marking
• Available in 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x36”, or 36”x36” and customizable in shape,
  design and message

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