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Replacement Neon Markers For Wo/Wo Signs


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Neon Markers write beautifully on white or black marker board signs and message boards. These sets of neon markers includes colors that look best on marker boards with white or black face panels. Messages may be altered or erased or wiped away and boards may be cleaned with Windex® or another ammonia based cleanser. To select your Replacement Markers for white or black signs, select the quantity you desire and click “Add to Cart". For more information about our Replacement Markers for white wo/wo signs see the description tab below.

Our Neon Markers or Replacement Markers for white Wo/Wo boards include red, blue, green and black markers. Replacement Neon Markers for black wipe on/wipe off boards are available in pink, yellow and orange neon colors. These markers create clear and legible message on any marker board or dry erase board. Carrot-Top features several varieties of marker boards including Signicade Marker boards, QLA Marker boards and Rolling Swinger maker boards. Carrot-Top's collection of message boards and signs also includes signicade signs, swinger sidewalk signs, roadside signs and wind signs. Browse our custom signs for other signage options that may meet your needs. Carrot-Top fashion a broad range of products including flags of various fabrics, sizes and styles. Our American flags include our Beacon® Nylon American flag and the Patriarch® Polyester American flag. For more information about our Replacement Markers for white wo/wo marker board signs call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any member of our customer service team.

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Black Sandwich Board & markers
October 6, 2013 by TL (Wake Forest, NC, USA)
“While I like the sandwich board, the cons are that it is very hard to clean well and there are no selections for the colors of the replacement water based paint markers. If I had known that & how expensive they were in the beginning when I purchased the board, I would have made a different choice. But the board is nice for advertisement, and is heavy duty while still having a nice look.”