Majestic™ Telescopic Pole Sets

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The Majestic™ aluminum telescopic pole sets are our exclusive indoor flagpole sets. They are adjustable to any height between 5’ to 9’ and are perfect for indoor spaces with a ceiling clearance of up to 10’. The telescopic sets feature aluminum poles that do not rust unlike steel poles.

All sets include a flagpole ornament, a gold tassel and a weighted-base that matches the finish of your flagpole, everything you need to set up an indoor flagpole display with any flag you want! They also feature a unique flagpole top that allows for ornaments to be placed directly on to the flagpole without the use of an adapter.

The flagpole sets are available in a wood grained, gold or chrome finish. The Majestic™ flagpoles also feature an easy-install design; watch the video below to see how simple it is to assemble, printable assembly directions are also available below in the "Instructions" tab. Read the description tab below for more information on your options.

The Carrot-Top exclusive Majestic™ telescopic pole sets feature your choice of gold, wood-grained or chrome finished aluminum flag pole. The poles feature a unique collapsible telescoping pole that extend up to 9’ and can collapse to a height of 5’. The flagpole sets are built to be used with any 3x5’ or 4x6’ flag.

All of our Majestic™ adjustable flag poles utilize an easy to use twist and lock feature to lock into position at a designated height. Just twist one of the three sections and raise or lower your flag pole as needed, then simply twist back the other way and your flag pole will lock into place. Our Majestic poles are easy to transport and store and assembly is a breeze.

Our Majestic telescopic pole sets include:

  • Gold cord with tassel
  • 5' - 9' Majestic telescopic pole
  • Ornamental finished eagle or spear to match your flagpole
  • Weighted finished base to match your flagpole

*Flags not included with set*

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