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Our Banner clips are perfect for banners that come without grommets to display them. These clips can be installed on to any banner or flag with ease and are made for use in both indoor and outdoor displays.

The banner clips are white colored and perfect for use with banners that have a white background. For more about these banner clips see the description tab below.

Buy banner clips to hang any banner with ease. These banner clips attach on to each corner and create an attachment for the banner rope. These clips require no tools for installation and works perfectly well with banners with no grommets at all. There is no need to cut holes in the banner and the banner clips can be reused with several banner displays.

The banner clips feature a clamping mechanism that tightens as you pull, so the harder you pull the tighter it gets. This secure attachment allows for banners to be displayed in both indoor and outdoor conditions. In outdoor conditions banner clips are recommended to be used in areas with moderate wind speeds. The clips are also made of durable plastic material making them great for use in wet weather as well.

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