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Welcome Flags


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Welcome Flags
Starting at: $17.95 As low as: $14.95

Welcome flags are a perfect way to attract attention. Our welcome flags are used by a diverse array of people to welcome visitors. If your business is located near a street or road you can rest assured that it will be recognized.

Our welcome flags are available with several color combinations. If the colors mentioned do not suit your organization call us to request specific colors on your welcome flag. These flags are printed in a single/reverse fashion meaning that the message reads correctly on the front side, but reverse on the back, see the description tab below for more information.

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Starting at: $17.95
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Our welcome flags measure 3’x5’ and are made of 200-denier nylon. 200-denier nylon is widely regarded as the best all round flag fabric. Our welcome flags are extremely light and will fly proudly with a slight gust of wind. Their water resistant fabric allows for quick drying and a full-fledged flag display even in wet weather conditions.

The welcome flags feature a header and brass grommets for use with outdoor flag poles. The flag is a single-reverse finished flag. All of the welcome flags consist of three equal horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripes can vary in color, the center stripes is always white with the word “Welcome” printed in the center. The color options are as follows; color order is listed top to bottom.

  • Red/White/Blue
  • Black/White/Yellow
  • Red/White/Yellow

If you’d like your Welcome flag to feature colors not listed here call us at (800)628-3524 for a customized version.



Reads correct on front side, reverse on back



The welcome flag is a perfect to be flown in tandem with an outdoor American flag, state flag or even your city flag. Multiple flags waving can make your business stand out even more. Carrot-Top’s exclusive Beacon® Nylon American flag and Patriarch® polyester American flag is backed by our wealth of experience spanning over 3 decades. These flags have been fine tuned for long term displays in all weather conditions. Also see our outdoor commercial flagpoles and residential flagpoles. For more information about the welcome flags or any of our other products contact a Carrot-Top team member at (800)628-3524.



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