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United We Stand – Patriotic Banner and Stickers


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United We Stand – Patriotic Banner and Stickers
Starting at: $33.00 As low as: $25.00

Our United We stand patriotic banner and stickers are ideal for any patriotic event or occasion. These banners and stickers are made of strong vinyl material ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in any location and all-weather conditions.

The patriotic united we stand banner measure 2’x6’, the patriotic stickers are available in two styles, the rectangular 2’x4’ sticker is ideal for walls and other smooth surfaces, the circular one is ideal for use as a floor decal. For more about these products scroll down to see the detailed description. To order select a size, enter the number of units required and click the “Add to cart” button. 

Starting at: $33.00


The United we stand banners and stickers are a brilliant way to ramp up the patriotic spirit and nationalistic sentiment at any gathering. These patriotic banners and stickers feature a close up image of an American flag with the words “United we stand” printed in blue on a white background running through the center of it. The banners are fitted with a strong canvas header and brass grommets and the patriotic stickers come with an adhesive back. The special substance used on the decals makes sure that no residue or marks are left behind when the decals are removed. The patriotic stickers and banners are both made of durable vinyl and printed digitally making for a long lasting and fade -resistant product.

For similar products see our full range of patriotic decorations. We also carry many different kinds of street banners including patriotic street banners and military themed ones as well. Carrot-Top Industries offers many different American flags and a large range of Military products as well. In addition we supply Police and Fire department flags, Historical US flags and custom products. Browse through all our products to find the perfect fit for you or call us now on (800)628-3524. Our customer service representatives and ready to help you find the ideal items. 



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