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Steel Street Banner Brackets - Mounts for Square Poles & Walls


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Steel Street Banner Brackets - Mounts for Square Poles & Walls
Starting at: $188.00 As low as: $156.00

Our Steel street banner Bracket Sets are available with many different mounting options ideal for displaying your vertical banner. The banner brackets featured here can be attached to hard flat surfaces, round poles or square poles. You can also choose the length of the banner arm and diameter of it to fit the size and density of your vertical banner.

The steel banner holders can be paired with any street banner measuring 18” to 36” in width. Read below for more information on the options for these black, powder-coated, banner brackets.

Starting at: $188.00


The steel street banner brackets are intended for use in areas with moderate winds and are available for use with any surface required. The banner brackets are available for both flat surfaces and poles. Our flat banner brackets, also known as wall mount banner arms, are available for banners measuring 20”, 26”, 32” and 38” in width, select the banner arm’s length appropriately. They also include a 4” or 6” back plate which acts as an anchor. The banner arms are welded on to the back plate for a safe and secure attachment. These vertical banner mounts also come with a choice of a ball end or plain end for decorative purposes.

The steel street banners can also be used with square or rounds poles. These banner brackets can be installed on round poles with a diameter of 4”, 5” or 6” and on square poles with a length of 4”, 5” or 6”. The pole mount steel banner brackets are compatible with the same size street banners as the wall mount brackets. The banner brackets sets include eye rings on the banner arms for secure fastening. Mounting hardware, like nuts, bolts or anchors are included and depend on the surface he mount is being placed on. Carrot-Top offers street banner installations services, call us for more details.

Carrot Top offers may products for flag and banner displays. These include our stock street banners with a variety of designs, advertising flags, and message banners. We also offer top quality custom products including custom flags, custom street banners and custom printed mats. Browse through our collection of American flags and patriotic décor to pick out a product to showcase your patriotism. For more information about our products contact any Carrot-top team member on (800)628-3524.



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