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QLA Message Signs


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QLA Message Signs
Starting at: $189.50 As low as: $183.50

QLA Message Signs are a great way to promote events or sales for your business or organization. These letterboard signs have an overall dimension of 29”W x 42”H x 24”D and weigh 16 lbs.  Sign face panels are available in either white or black corrugated plastic. QLA signs have a face panel that measures 36” high and 24” wide.  Both QLA Deluxe Sidewalk Sets and QLA Standard Sidewalk Sets are available. To get your QLA Sidewalk Sign, choose either the deluxe or standard sign, select your sign face panel color preference, enter your quantity, and click “Add to Cart”. For more information about our QLA Deluxe or Standard Letterboard Sidewalk Signs see the description below.

Starting at: $189.50


Our QLA Message Signs are designed to attract loads of attention to your business or organization. These Letterboard signs are equipped with a ding and rust proof techno polymer base and feature internal steel supports. The curved design of these message boards deflects wind and allows the signs to withstand up to 30 mile an hour winds.  QLA Deluxe Signs feature over 400 characters including letters, numbers and symbols and features additional special headers.  QLA Standard sidewalk signs have over 300 letters, numbers and symbols.  These Signs are crafted for both indoor and outdoor use.

Carrot-Top offers a broad range of message boards and  signs, custom signs and other products. Our message boards include signicade signs, swinger sidewalk signs, roadside signs and wind signs. Carrot-Top also fashions custom signs that may be personalized with your organization or company’s logo, message and image.  Carrot-Top proudly supplies flags of all types and sizes including several varieties of American flags. Our Beacon® Nylon American flag and the Patriarch® Polyester American flag are two of the finest flags obtainable.  For more information about our QLA Deluxe or Standard Letterbaord Signs or for assistance placing an order call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service representatives. 



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