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Outdoor Aluminum Flagpole Eagles


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Outdoor Aluminum Flagpole Eagles
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Our outdoor aluminum flagpole eagles are made of 100% recycled aluminum and are anodized for long term outdoor use. These eagles are ideal for pairing with a large outdoor flag pole and American flag. The Aluminum flagpole eagles are available in two sizes and gold or silver finish.

These flag pole eagles are ideal for use on flagpole measuring between 20’ and 35’. For more information about the anodized aluminum flagpole eagles see the description tab below the product options. 

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Starting at: $66.95
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The flagpoles eagles outdoor eagles are made of 100% recycled aluminum. The ornaments feature a gold or silver eagle with its wings spread in a flying motion attached to a ball with a connecting rod. These eagle ornaments are available with gold and silver finishes and in two sizes. The eagles with a wingspan of 12” are recommended with flagpoles with a height of 20’ and the eagles with a wingspan of 15” are recommended for use with poles measuring 30’-35’. These flagpole ornaments have a ½” spindle for attachment with mounting screws.

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