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New Jersey Flag Sets


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New Jersey Flag Sets
Starting at: $158.00 As low as: $128.00

New Jersey flag sets combine beautiful flags, elegant flagpoles and distinctive (pole) finishes.  Our flag sets allow you to design the best display to fit your space and tastes. Create the New Jersey display that matches your current décor or design an entirely new look. For more information about our New Jersey State Flag Sets see the description tab below.

  • Telescopic Chrome
  • Telescopic Wood Grained
  • Telescopic Gold
  • Jointed Oak-Finish

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Starting at: $158.00
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Our New Jersey Flag Sets include an option of two flags sizes, two flagpoles and three pole finishes. Our exclusive 5-9’ Majestic Telescopic Pole is Carrot Top’s most versatile and functional flagpole.   Majestic Poles are easy to transport, easily assembled, and may be adjusted in two or three quick twists. These flagpoles display most flags in almost every space.  Majestic Poles have the option of three finishes which include: Gold, Chrome, and Wood-Grained.  Both the 3’x5’ and the 4’x6’ New Jersey flags display perfectly with the Majestic Pole.  The Jointed Oak finished pole offers a more traditional look and is a 2- piece hardwood, oak finished pole with brass joints.  The 3x5’ flag pairs best with the 8’ Jointed Oak Pole in the ceilings with a clearance of at least 8.5’ and while the 4’x6’ flag exhibits best with the 9’ Jointed Oak finished pole in spaces with at least a 9.5 ceiling clearance. Both the Majestic and the Jointed Oak have a pole diameter that tapers from the 1 ¼” at the bottom to 7/8” at the top. New Jersey  flag sets include a gold cord with tassel, an ornamental spear or eagle and a weighted base.

Carrot Top offers a broad range of custom, patriotic and flag products.  Contact our customer service representative or take advantage of our skilled graphic artist to obtain the perfect street banners, signs or decals for your city, church, business, family or whomever. Carrot Top is only a call away at (800) 628-3524.



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