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Mississippi Flag Sets


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Mississippi Flag Sets
Starting at: $158.00 As low as: $128.00

Our Mississippi Flag Sets combine the highest quality flags, elegant flagpoles and your choice of (pole) flagpole finish.  Carrot Top lets you design the display that works best for your space. Choose a look that matches your current décor or create an entirely new style.  Carrot Top’s Mississippi flag sets will create a beautiful indoor display in practically any location or space. For more information about Mississippi Flag Sets see the description tab below.

  • Telescopic Chrome
  • Telescopic Wood Grained
  • Telescopic Gold
  • Jointed Oak-Finish

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Starting at: $158.00
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Mississippi Flag Sets include splendidly built flagpoles, beautiful flags and distinctive flagpole finishes. Flags sets include your choice of either the 3’x 5’ Mississippi flag or the 4’ x 6’ Mississippi flag. Both flags display perfectly with our exclusive 5-9’ Majestic Telescopic Pole.  The Majestic is one of Carrot Top’s most versatile flagpoles as it easily adjusts and is easy to transport and assemble. Gold, Aluminum and Wood Grained finishes are available with this flagpole.  The Jointed Oak finished pole offers a more traditional look and is available in two sizes. The 8’ Jointed Oak finished pole exhibits best with the 3’x5’ Mississippi flag in spaces with at least an 8.5 ceiling clearance. The 9’ Jointed Oak finished pole is best matched by the 9’ Jointed Oak finished pole in rooms with a clearance of at least 9.5’. Both Flagpoles have a diameter which tapers from 1 ¼” at the bottom to 7/8” at the top. This allows for the use of any ornament without an adapter. Carrot Tops flag sets include an ornamental spear or eagle, a gold cord with tassel and a gold weighted base.

Carrot Top proudly supplies the highest quality products for permanent displays, onetime events or ongoing presentations. Our American flags are the best flags available and include our exclusive fabrics, the Patriarch® Polyester American flag and the Beacon® Nylon American flag.  Our team of customer service agents is standing by to assist. Call (800) 628-3524.



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