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Marking Flag Bundles

Marking Flag Bundles
Starting at: $3.75 As low as: $2.75

Our Marking flags are great tools for construction crews, landscapers, businesses and homeowners. These flags are available in convenient packs and Carrot-Top offers a broad selection of nine, bright and bold colors. For more information about our 21” Marking flags see the description tab below.

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Starting at: $3.75
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Marking flags have a wire staff that is 21” long and has a diameter of 1/6”. The dimensions of each flag are 2.5” x 3.5” . Marking flags are designed for outdoor use and are great for marking locations like underground pipes, sprinklers and lines. They may identify potential hazards or hazardous areas.  These long lasting flags may also be used for pet containment or as trial markers. Colors available include blue, orange, red, white and yellow. Fluorescent colors include lime, orange, pink and red.  Flags are solid colors and are sold in packs of 10, but the a green flag is available in a pack of 100.

Carrot-Top offers a broad range of products including custom items, patriotic products and flags.  Our American flags may be obtained in a several sizes and fabrics including our exclusive flags, the Beacon® Nylon American flag and the Beacon® Nylon American flag. For more details about our Marking Flags call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any member of our team.



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