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Jointed Oak Parade Pole Set with US Flag


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Jointed Oak Parade Pole Set with US Flag

List Price $180.55

Starting At: $157.00

As low as: $148.00

Our Jointed Oak Pole Parade Sets with US Flag combine convenience and function. These complete sets are perfect for any occasion.

Sets Feature:

  • A beautifully crafted, extremely portable, 8’ Brass Jointed Oak Pole
  • Strong, single or double white web (polyethylene) carrying belt easily slides over the flag carrier’s head, fully adjustable straps
  • Double Belts offer greater weight distribution for added comfort and support of the flag set
  • 3’x5’  Beacon® Nylon US flag with plush, gold fringe
  • Polished, 8 ½” Gold Plated Plastic Eagle Ornament
  • Durable vinyl storage case protects flag and components against wind, rain and dust
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Buy your 8’ Jointed Oak Pole set with 3’x 5’ Beacon® Nylon American flag now. Simply select either the single or double belt to complete your set. Click “Add to Cart” highlighted in blue to continue your order. For more information about these Parade sets see the description tab below.

List Price $180.55

Starting At: $157.00



Our 8’ Jointed Oak Parade Sets with US flag ensure you have everything you need to make your flag presentation or parade a success. Whether it’s for the singing of the national anthem at sporting events or for official government presentations, our American flag and pole sets create an impressive display that blends professionalism, patriotism and fun. These Carrot-Top parade sets include our exclusive Beacon® Nylon American Flag, an industry trend setter noted for its superior craftsmanship and extended durability.  Our Beacon® US flags are lightweight, crafted with high quality fringe, embroidered stars and  sewn stripes.  The 8’ flagpole included in this set is a hardwood oak pole trimmed with brass joints and stained with a glossy finish. The pole has a diameter of 1 ¼”. These sets feature the option of a single or double web belt, also known as flag harness, to carry the U.S. flag pole sets. Belts are made with strong, durable material that is as light and comfortable as your seat belt. Single Belts slide overhead and fit comfortably around the neck. Double belts offer added comfort and allow for a more secure bearing of the flag set.  Double belts are worn by holding a strap in each hand, crossing them and pulling one’s head through the lower portion of the “X”.  Properly worn, the belt creates and “x” on the carrier’s back. Our parade sets with U.S. flag include our deluxe, 8 ½” gold-plated  plastic Eagle Ornament. Each Parade flag Holder Set also includes a sturdy and durable storage case that protects your flag, flagpole and carrying belt from damaging elements. Ornaments should be removed prior to storing the flagpole and flag. Carrot-Top features several additional items to make your parade presentation even more functional and successful.  Three sizes of parade gloves, a cord and tassel set and a deluxe carrying case are all available options that may be added to your Parade Set.( Sold separately)

Shop Carrot-Top’s complete collection of Indoor and Parade Flag Sets for options sure to show off your American, US State and City, School or any other flag. Carrot-Top is committed to serving our customers with the highest quality products and services.  Browse our flag collection for other great flags to show off your patriotism or support. For more information or for assistance placing an order, call (800) 628-3524. Our customer service experts are eager to assist you.



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