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Jointed Oak Mounting Set

Jointed Oak Mounting Set
Starting at: $185.00 As low as: $175.00

Equally well suited for parade use or indoor displays, the Jointed Oak Mounting Set contains everything you need to create a great-looking indoor display or to prepare for a parade. This oak flagpole set is perfect for government agency flags or any other 3’ x 5’ indoor flags.

Jointed Oak Mounting Set accessories include:

  • 8’ x 1 ¼” diameter oak jointed pole with brass or silver joints
  • 14 lbs Endura™ gold or silver floor stand
  • 6” tassel  with 9’ long cord Flag spreader
  • Your choice of  Army spear, round spear or eagle

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Starting at: $185.00


Why Buy Jointed Oak Mounting Set?

Durable and simple, the Jointed Oak Mounting Set is a great complement for any 3’ x 5’ indoor flag. Its oak grain and polished finish are elegant and timeless and will help you get the right look for your indoor display or special event.

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