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Indoor Wall Mount Banner Holder


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Indoor Wall Mount Banner Holder
Starting at: $66.95 As low as: $59.50

The indoor wall mount banner holder consists of two banner arm brackets and two banner arms that can be attached to any hard flat surface in your building, school or home. These indoor banner holders are ideal for long term displays when coupled with our durable street banners (vertical banners).

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Starting at: $66.95


The indoor wall mount banner holders come with two sturdy mounting brackets made of durable and rust-free cast aluminum, two black fiberglass class poles for each end of the street banner (banner arms are inserted in to pole sleeves which come pre-sewn on out street banners) and two cotter pins for safe and secure attachment.

The indoor banner holder’s arms are available in four different lengths to accommodate street banners of all sizes. Pick out a banner arm measuring 18”, 24”, 30” or 36” to suit your purpose. The banner arms also come with your choice of ball end or plain end finish. These indoor banner holders are not recommended for use outdoors or in areas with high winds speeds. Hardware required for mounting (anchors and bolts) are not included with the purchase and must be bought separately. Call us to find out about our comprehensive street banner installation service. Our network of partners is ready to install your banners anywhere in the country.

See our full collection of street banner hanging hardware, including our exclusive products BannerGuard™ and BannerFlex®. These two items can be used in any weather and ideal for areas with high winds. Browse through our advertising flags, custom street banners and other custom products to find an ideal banner or flag for you. Our customer favorites also include our high quality American flags, our exclusive Beacon® nylon and Patriarch® polyester flags are known to outlast their competition. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.



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