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“I Voted” Sticker

“I Voted” Sticker

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“I voted” stickers are a great way to encourage people to vote and to emphasize the importance of every person’s right to vote. The stickers measure 2” in diameter and come in rolls of 1000 stickers. They are ideal for polling stations in any town or city.

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Our “I Voted” stickers are designed for use at a polling station during an election period. The stickers can be handed over to voters leaving the station after casting their ballot. The visual display of a sticker will encourage others to vote and can remind people of the importance of casting a vote.

The “I voted” stickers measure 2” in diameter and has an adhesive allowing the sticker to be placed securely on any fabric. The garment adhesive applied on the sticker allows the sticker to be removed easily with no damage to the fabric. These voting stickers feature a white back ground with red, white and blue graphics that resemble an American flag. The words “I voted” are printed on a blue background in white lettering.

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