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Grand Beacon® Flag Set


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Grand Beacon® Flag Set
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There are few things more quintessentially American than a U.S. flag displayed from an angle-mounted flagpole on the wall of a school, fire station or police department.

  • 45-degree bracket and sturdy 8’ flagpole
  • Includes 4’ x 6’ Nylon U.S. Flag
  • Suitable for mounting to wooden or masonry exterior wall
  • Upper segment of flagpole spins so that the flag will never tangle or wrap around the pole, regardless of wind direction  

Should you like to order a Grand Beacon® Flag Set, just enter your desired quantity and click the “Add to Cart” button.  Directions for assembly can be downloaded in the Instructions tab; for more information on the Grand Beacon® Flag Set, see the Description tab. 

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Why Buy a Grand Beacon® Flag Set?

Sometimes erecting a free-standing flagpole just isn’t feasible, due to space considerations or zoning requirements. If that’s your situation, the Grand Beacon® Flag Set is a perfect alternative.  Please bear in mind, though, that this is a very large set and may be better suited for a business setting than in a residential setting.

The Grand Beacon® Flag Set includes an 8’ flagpole that’s 2” in diameter; the flagpole is a two-piece design that locks together easily. The pole assembly’s top half rotates on ball bearings so the flag can always fly freely regardless of wind direction.

The set also comes complete with a heavy-duty wall bracket. The cast aluminum bracket is approximately 7 ¾” wide by 9 ½” in height, and displays the flagpole at a 45-degree angle. The flag itself is attached with aluminum flag collars, eliminating the need for a halyard that can tangle or break. When the flag and flagpole assembly are complete, the pole then slides easily into the bracket and can be tightened with setscrews.

Along with the Grand Beacon® Flag Set, Carrot-Top would like to suggest our Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Set and other complete home flag sets that are an ideal size for residential use. Also, have a look at our Beacon® Nylon US outdoor flags, which are well-matched as replacements for the Grand Beacon® Flag Set or for an in-ground flagpole.

Considering an indoor display? Check out Carrot-Top’s Indoor United States flag sets, complete with many indoor flagpole options and accessories to customize your display. To find out more about any products available from Carrot-Top Industries, feel free to talk to one of the friendly, knowledgeable members of our Customer Service Team at (800) 628-3524. 



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