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Graduation Banner and Stickers


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Graduation Banner and Stickers
Starting at: $33.00 As low as: $25.00

Our Graduation banner and stickers are perfect for any graduation ceremony and graduates of all ages. These banners and stickers are perfect for graduation parties. The banners and graduation stickers are both made of durable vinyl. 

For more information about our graduation banners and stickers see the description tab below. To order a product select a style, enter the desired number of units and then click on the “Add to cart” button below. 

Starting at: $33.00


Our graduation banners and stickers are perfect for graduation parties and senior week celebrations. These banners are ideal for a school or other educational establishment thanks to its durable make. The banners can be used in for more than one occasion as they are made for long term use. The banners feature 12oz. vinyl made for both indoor and outdoor displays in all-weather conditions. They are also fitted with a header and grommets for attachment to a banner rope or banner hardware. They measure 2’x6’.

The graduation stickers are also made for long term use. These decals are constructed of vinyl material like our banners. They also come with a layer of adhesive on the back for easy application to a smooth surface.  The circular decal has a diameter of 24” and designed for use on the floor. Both graduation stickers and the graduation banners are printed digitally to make for a long lasting fade-resistant image.

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