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Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament (Outdoor)


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Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament (Outdoor)

List Price $45.94

Starting At: $39.95

As low as: $37.50

Any outdoor flag display will look better with the finishing touch of a Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament!  These solid anodized aluminum eagle flagpole toppers feature a brilliant gold finish that will look great for years to come.

  • Choose from 8.5” or 12” wingspan
  • 12” eagle is 8 ½” tall and will look great on a 25’ flagpole
  • 8.5” eagle is 7” tall and designed for a 20’ flagpole
  • Fits onto a ½” threaded spindle
  • Shaft for flagpole eagle is 2 ¾” long
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.

Interested in a Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament? Just select the size and quantity you need and click the blue “Add to Cart” button below. See the Description tab below for details: 

List Price $45.94

Starting At: $39.95



Why Buy a Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament?

There’s nothing like seeing an American flag on a flagpole that’s topped by a flagpole eagle! This proud symbol of our country is solid aluminum that’s anodized with a gold finish to stay looking great for years to come.

Carrot-Top’s Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament is available with an 8.5” or 12” wingspan, designed for 20’ and 25’ flagpoles (respectively). The eagle flagpole topper uses a threaded spindle for installation; its 2 ¾” shaft fits into a standard ½” threaded hole.

Note: while the anodized finish will never corrode or pit, a flag could possibly get tangled on the eagle’s wingtips or edges and rip.

Questions? Just give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-3524 and one of our trained, experienced agents will be happy to answer them for you!



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