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Foreign Flags Pennant Strings

Foreign Flags Pennant Strings
Starting at: $19.00 As low as: $18.00

Our foreign flags pennant strings feature an arbitrary string of miniature national flags. These world flag pennant strings are ideal for an international themed conference, event or even for use in a classroom. Call us to request specific country flags. These pennants are built for long term indoor use.

These pennant strings are available in two sizes to fit your needs. For more about the foreign flag pennant strings see the description tab at the bottom of this page. 

Starting at: $19.00


Our foreign flags pennant strings feature twelve arbitrarily chosen national flags displayed in a row on a string. The mini flags are available in 12’ strings and 21’ strings. The 12’ strings feature twelve 4”x6” flags put together while the 21’ pennant string features twelve 12”x18” flags for a larger and more distinct flag display. The twelve country flags that appear in the string are at random but can be chosen when necessary. Call us and speak to a customer service representative to order specific flags in your foreign flags pennant string (pricing may vary). These mini flags are made using strong cotton muslin ideal for long term indoor use in permanent displays. The foreign flags pennant is not recommended for outdoor because colors may bleed when wet.

See the entire collection of pennant strings to find a decorative string to fit your needs. Browse through our attention grabbing advertising flags, street banners and custom products for similar items.  Carrot-Top offers international flags in several sizes and finishes for all purposes. We proudly offer a large collection of American flags fit for any occasion, these include our very own exclusive Beacon® nylon American flag and Patriarch® polyester American flag. Our exclusive flags are known to exceed the industry standard for life time of 90 days sun up to sun down for outdoor displays. Also see our custom products and military items. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524. 



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