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Plastic flag unfurler

Plastic flag unfurler
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Flag unfurlers are essential accessories when using a wooden outrigger pole or any other outdoor mounting pole. The plastic flag unfurler is designed to be used with flagpoles with a diameter of 1” or less and flags measuring 3x5’ or smaller.

The unfurler features a plastic tube that slides over a flagpole and is intended for use with flagpoles mounted at 45°.For more information read the description at the bottom of this page.

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Flag unfurlers keep your flag from untangling on the pole and being harmed. They allow the flag to spin around the pole preventing the flag from wrapping. This unfurler features a tube made using recycled plastic materials that can be slide over flagpoles measuring 1” or less in diameter. Once the flagpole is inserted the flag can be attached to the pole and unfurler using flag ties that are provided.

To install slide the unfurler over the flagpole and position approximately ½” below below the bottom of your flagpole ornament. Then slide the plastic ring with the screw (provided) over the pole and position flush with the bottom of the plastic unfurler. Finger Tighten the screw against the flagpole. To attach a flag simply thread the provided flag cable ties through the flag grommets, place the tie around the flagpole and firmly tighten to fasten the flag to the plastic unfurler.

For more information about our plastic flag unfurler contact one of our experts on (800)628-3524.

*Flagpole and flagpole ornament not provided. 



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