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Universal Plastic Flagpole Spear

Universal Plastic Flagpole Spear

List Price $19.90

Starting At: $17.95

As low as: $13.95

For the perfect military-style touch, consider adding a Universal Flagpole Spear to your indoor or parade flagpole. This plastic flagpole spear is gold-plated for a traditional look.

  • Spear finial features a 2” ferrule
  • Ferrule fits over a Majestic or standard oak jointed indoor flagpole that’s 7/8” diameter
  • Threaded adapter included for proper fit over other indoor flagpoles
  • Available in silver or gold finishes
  • Imported

Thinking about ordering a Universal Flagpole Spear from Carrot-Top? Just select the quantity you need and click the blue “Add to Cart” button. There’s more information in the Description tab: 

List Price $19.90

Starting At: $17.95



Why Buy a Universal Flag Pole Spear?

As a traditional finishing touch, you can’t go wrong with a silver or gold 9” spear plastic ornament for your indoor or parade flagpole. A flagpole spear draws attention and lends a majestic military-style appearance for a church, state or school flagpole. Its 2” long ferrule makes attachment easy, over the top of a 7/8” flagpole.

Questions? Feel free to give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-3524 and one of our experienced customer service agents will be happy to answer them for you.



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