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Dog Waste Bags – Dogipot®

Dog Waste Bags – Dogipot®
Starting at: $8.95 As low as: $5.00

Dog waste bags are essential for any public park, Dog Park, nature trail or any other area where pet owners take their pets. We offer three options for dog waste bags to fit your needs. All of these trash bags are biodegradable and the litter pick up bags are large to make sure that it fits over the entire hand to allow for an easy, sanitary way to throw away your pet’s waste.

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Starting at: $8.95


Dog waste bags are necessary in any neighborhood, public park or dog park. These bags help discard of pet waste in a safe and sanitary way, keeping your parks and neighborhoods clean and beautiful. We offer three different types of dog waste bags to fit specific dispensers or trash cans. The three options are Regular Dogipot® litter pick up bags, Dogipot® dog waste bags, Header Pak and pet waste receptacle liners.

The regular Dogipot® pet waste bags are designed for use with our Aluminum and Polyethylene (plastic) pet waste bag dispensers while the Header Pak bags are for use with the header pak dispenser.

The regular litter bags measure 8”x13” and are opaque green. The bags are packed in rolls and feature perforated separation to allow for easy detachment from the roll. Each roll holds 200 litter pick up bags. The header pak bags are the same size and color as the regular bags but come in rolls of 100 bags. The receptacle liners can be used with the Dogipot® pet waste stations. They measure 27.5” in width 29” in height. The pet waste bags can hold up to 15 gallons and are opaque black with a green drawstring. These bags come in rolls of 50.

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