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Pet Waste Bag Dispenser – Dogipot®


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Pet Waste Bag Dispenser – Dogipot®
Starting at: $89.50 As low as: $79.50

Our pet waste bag dispensers allow you to keep your parks, neighborhoods and streets clean by providing pet waste pick-up bags for people walking their pets. Our litter pick up bag dispensers are available in three different styles to suit your needs. Choose from a plastic, aluminum or a header pak bag dispenser. The header pak dispensers feature just one large slot that dispenses bags while both other dispensers have two openings. All dispensers come with mounting hardware and rolls of pet waste bags.

For more about the pet waste bag dispensers see the description below. To order select an option form the menu below and click on the “Add to cart” button. 

Starting at: $89.50


Our pet waste bag dispensers are a vital addition to any pet waste station and also serve as a replacement part for our pet waste station. Our three styles of dispensers allows you to pick one to suit your needs to the tee.

The plastic doggie bag dispenser measure 10” in width, 3” in depth, has a height of 17” and weighs about 5lbs. These dispensers come with two large diamond shaped openings that can each dispense bags from a roll containing 200 bags. Two rolls of pet waste bags are included with the purchase of a plastic dispenser. Plastic pet waste bag dispensers come with one shoulder bolt measuring 2 ¼”, a ½” bolt, washers and lock nuts for mounting. The plastic dispensers can only be mounted to fiberglass pet waste station frames. The bags can be locked in the dispenser at the bottom of it to prevent theft and tampering.

The aluminum pet waste dispenser measures 9.4” in width, 3.25” in depth and is 15.5” tall while weighing 7lbs. The dispensers are made using durable aluminum perfect for all-weather conditions and in any location thanks to its rust-proof properties. These dispensers are fitted with 2 diamond shaped openings that can dispense doggie bags from 200 count rolls of bags (included with purchase). The aluminum pet waste bag dispenser comes with 2 bolts that measure 2 ½” x ¼”, washers and lock nuts for mounting on to a steel post. These dispensers can be mounted on 2”x2” SQ. steel posts, walls, fences, wood posts or columns.

The header pak bag dispenser option is also made of durable aluminum but features a unique dispensing system with a hexagonal opening. These dispensers can hold 4 100 count rolls of bags and have a three prong bag holder inside for storage. They are fitted with a front locking system to prevent tampering and theft. The dispensers measure 9.4” wide 4.24” in depth, 15.5” in height and weighs 9 lbs. Like with the aluminum dispensers, two bolts measuring 2 ½”x1/4”, washers and lock nuts are included for use with a steel pole. Dispensers can be mounted on other flat surfaces as well.

All dispensers are available in forest green color. The doggie bag dispensers come with set up and mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions for easy set up. See all of our different types of waste receptacles and other options for pet waste receptacles for use at any outdoor location in your city or town. We also provide several different part items like our steel benches, umbrellas and event tents. All of these products are housed in our event and property management category along with many other products to help you run your event or business smoothly. Carrot-Top Industries is a long standing supplier of high quality American flags as well. Our outdoor Beacon® nylon American flag and Patriarch® polyester American flags are exclusive products that are customer favorites. For more about these items or anything seen on this website call us on (800)628-3524. 



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