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Pet Waste Station – Dogipot®


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Pet Waste Station – Dogipot®
Starting at: $285.50 As low as: $266.50

Our pet waste stations are Dogipot® products ideal for any location or weather conditions. Install our waste stations easily at your apartment complex, park, campus or any area where people with pets love to lounge.

Each of our pet waste stations comes with a sign, a waste receptacle, a box of litter pick up bags, a bag dispenser and a box of trash bags to line the receptacle. For more specific details about these waste stations see the description below. To order a product click on the drop down menu, select an option that suits you and click on the “Add to cart” button.

Starting at: $285.50


Our Dogipot® pet waste stations will help keep your streets, neighborhoods, dog parks and public parks clean of pet waste. The three options available for our pet waste stations differ in material. Our Dogipot® pet waste sets are made of either aluminum, steel or plastic (polyethylene). All three pet waste receptacle sets come with two rolls (200 count) of litter pick up bags, a box of 50 count receptacle liner trash bags and an aluminum sign measuring 11.5”x18” to remind pet owners to keep their pets leashed and to clean up after them. The signs are available with two different prints: one with a notice asking people to leash their dogs and the other designating a pet exercise area. The leash sign is available with each set by default; to order the exercise sign call us today.

The aluminum pet waste station features an aluminum waste receptacle with a diameter of 11.5” and a height of 23”. They also include an aluminum junior bag dispenser and a telescoping 12 gauge (approximately 3mm thick) galvanized steel mounting post which can extend to a total height of 8 feet.

The steel pet waste receptacle sets include a 16 gauge (approximately 1.5 mm thick) steel waste receptacle measuring 11.5” in diameter and 23” in height, the same size as the aluminum receptacle. The steel pet waste station also includes the same telescopic steel mounting post and junior bag dispenser as the aluminum station.

The plastic or polyethylene Dogipot® pet waste station features parts made out of durable ABS plastic, a similar type of plastic to that used in the manufacture of car bumpers. The plastic pet waste station includes an ABS junior bag dispenser, a square plastic waste receptacle measuring 13” wide, 12” in length and 21” in height. The mounting post included with this station is made of durable fiber glass material and measure 8’ tall. All the sets are painted in forest green color and perfect for long term outdoor use and come with set up and installation instructions for easy use.

For single components browse through our collection of pet waste receptacles. We also provide other kinds of waste receptacles to keep your locations free of dirt and litter. See all of our event and property management products to find ideal solutions to help keep your location in shape or to help run your event smoothly. Carrot-Top Industries also offers a large range of Custom products and products ideal for parks like our steel benches and commercial umbrellas. Our collection of American flags is unmatched and boasts high quality long lasting flags. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.



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