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Deluxe Rolling Springer Letterboard Sidewalk Sign


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Deluxe Rolling Springer Letterboard Sidewalk Sign
Starting at: $189.00 As low as: $183.00

Deluxe Rolling Springer Letterboard Sidewalk Sign are the best way to announce sales and events, advertise and promote businesses and organizations, and inform customers or guests. These Portable outdoor signs on wheels are the top choice of businesses, restaurants, civic and social groups and others.

  • Recommended for placement outside a business or organization or in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic (i.e. sidewalks, paths, walkways)
  • Overall dimensions: 24”(W) x 42”(H) x 18”(D)
  • Sidewalk Signs available in both black or white with matching letter board
  • Includes 2 heavy duty spring assemblies and set of letters, numbers, symbols and headers
  • Letter board sign face measures 24” x 36” x 10mm
  • Letter board sign face features 7 tracks on each side where you can customize your message with the included letter set
  • Convenient handle allows you to simply tip, sign and roll; No lifting required
  • Compact size for easy storage; wind resistance of 40—50 mph
  • Base can be weighted with sand or water/antifreeze solution for added stability
  • Built for outdoor use

 Purchase your Deluxe Rolling Springer White Letterboard Sidewalk Sign by first selecting the color you prefer for your sidewalk sign and enter a quantity. Be sure to review our quantity discounts and deal for great saving when you buy more. Click the blue “Add to Cart” button to continue your order. For more information see the description tab below.

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Starting at: $189.00
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Why buy a Deluxe Rolling Springer Letterboard Sidewalk Sign?

Our Deluxe Rolling Spring Letterboard Signs are 24” x 42” x 18” and are available in either a black or white sign face. These outdoor sidewalk signs will promote your business or organization by showing off countless messages, sales or greeting for years to come. Rolling Springer Letterboard Signs have a sleek and sharp appearance and our portable sidewalk signs offer every convenience possible. This letterboard sign requires absolutely no lifting and may be moved by simply grabbing the handle, tipping the sign and rolling. Move your signs to a new location in minutes. Quickly and easily advertise in any location with a message you designed to make your event or business a success. This deluxe outdoor sidewalk sign includes 314 - 4” black or white letters, red numbers and symbols along with 22 - 8” jumbo numbers and 2 - 9” Sale/Special headers. White message boards pair with black letters while white letters are used on black message boards. These sidewalk signs ship in one carton making them compact yet large enough to make your statement.

Carrot-Top offer a wide variety of message board and sidewalk signs. View our Swinger Roadside Message Board (Ay225KRG) and our QLA Rolling Roadside Sign (AY239LRG) for other portable sign options. For greater details about any of Carrot-Top’s products and services call (800)628-3524 and speak with any of our Customer Care Professionals.



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