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District of Columbia Flag Sets


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District of Columbia Flag Sets
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Our District of Columbia Flag Sets allow you design and create your own look and style to honor the District of Columbia.  Our flag and flag pole set options let you choose from our selection of Gold, Chrome, and Wood-Grained Majestic Telescopic Poles. Prefer a more traditional look; try our Jointed Oak finished flagpole. For more information about our District of Columbia Flag Sets see the description tab below.

  • Telescopic Chrome
  • Telescopic Wood Grained
  • Telescopic Gold
  • Jointed Oak-Finish

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Starting at: $158.00
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District of Columbia flag sets feature a variety of flag size, flag pole and style of flagpole finish options. The 5-9’ Majestic Telescopic flagpole is perfect for most ceiling heights.  This flagpole may be raised or lowered with a few simple twists in one of three sections.  These flagpoles are easily assembled and transported.  Chrome, Gold and Wood-Grained pole finishes are available.  The Jointed Oak finished pole is also available for a more traditional display.  This solid oak finished hardwood pole has two pieces and is fashioned with brass joints.   Our 3’x5’ District of Columbia flag easily pairs with any of our Majestic Telescopic poles and our 8’ Jointed Oak-finished pole.  The 4’x 6’ District of Columbia flag displays best in rooms with a clearance of 9.5’ and creates a great look with our 9’ Jointed Oak finished pole or any of our exclusive Majestic Telescopic Poles. All sets include a weighted base, an ornamental gold or silver spear or eagle and a gold cord with tassel.

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