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American Flag & Maryland State Flag Lapel Pin

American Flag & Maryland State Flag Lapel Pin

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American flag and Maryland State flag Lapel pins are a great way to keep your pride for Maryland and  the USA close to your heart. These beautiful pins are designed with bright colors that showcase Maryland’s unique state flag design and Old Glory’s red, white and blue.  Often called friendship or comradery pins, these lapel pins highlight the partnership and bond between the Maryland and the Union. For more information about our American flag and Maryland State flag Lapel pins see the description tab below.

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Our American flag and Maryland State flag lapel pins are small tokens that show great pride. These pins are 7/8” x 5/8” and feature a clutch back closure which allows for easy attachment to clothing and easy removal. Featuring radiantly colored enamel on gold plated backs, these pins are cool and fun and may be worn to almost any event or for any occasion. American flag and Maryland State flag Lapel pins are economically priced and make great keepsakes for students, family, co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Carrot Top proudly provides a broad range of products designed to suit your needs. Whether for onetime events, ongoing presentations or permanent displays, Carrot Top strives to ensure that you are pleased with every item we provide as well as our customer service. Our American flags are the finest flags available. The Patriarch® Polyester American flag is designed with thick 2-ply polyester and is built to withstand harsh winds and more extreme climate conditions.  Our Beacon® Nylon American flag is tailored for more moderate climate zones and is assembled with super tough, lightweight nylon that flies effortlessly in the faintest breeze. Both flags are long- lasting and feature the finest quality materials.  Baltimore City flags and the flags of other US Cities are also available.  Mini American flags and mini Maryland flags pair perfectly with these lapel pins. Carrot Top encourages you to contact any member of our customer service team for answers to any questions or for more information. Call (800) 628- 3524.



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