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Aluminum Flagpole Rope Cleat – 9”


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Aluminum Flagpole Rope Cleat – 9”
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Our Aluminum flag pole rope cleats are designed to anchor or hold a flagpole safely and securely. Tying the rope to the flag pole cleat prevents the flag from sliding down and allows for a full display. These flagpole cleats are ideal for flagpoles measuring 25’ or taller and are built tough resulting in an extended lifetime.

The aluminum flagpole rope cleats measure 9” and are available in a bronze, white and satin finish. For more details see the description tab below the product options. To order a flag pole rope cleat select a finish of your choice, enter the quantity needed and then click on the “Add to cart” button. 

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Starting at: $12.95
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The aluminum flag pole rope cleats all measure 9” making them ideal for flag poles measuring 25’ or more with a diameter of 4” or more. They are designed to easily accommodate the excess rope from halyard measuring longer than 50’. The cleats are available with a white powder-coat finish, a bronze finish or the regular silver satin finish. The cleats all feature two screw holes and two mounting screws are included with each purchase. The screw holes are placed approximately 2.5” away from each other (from center-point to center-point). The mounting screws can be easily used to attach the flagpole cleat to an external halyard flag pole with ease.

For more cleats see our entire cleats and snap hooks section. Browse through all of our outdoor flagpole accessories and find items to finish your flag display or products that help extend the life of a flagpole. See our full collection of indoor and outdoor flag poles for more flag display options. Carrot-Top Industries offers a large range of flags including an unmatched selection of American flags, many different military and memorial flags, state and city flags, sports flags and many more. For more information contact us on (800)628-3524 today. 



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