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‘Eat, Drink and Buy Local’ Street Banners

‘Eat, Drink and Buy Local’ Street Banners

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Support your local businesses with one of our ‘Eat, drink and buy local’ banners. These banners are a great way to remind the members of your community to support local merchants. These street banners add a pop of color to your streets and also promote a sense of community within the population.

These 30" x 60" ‘support your local business’ banners are recommended for street poles measuring 18 feet or more. See the description tab below to find out more about these street banners. 

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Remind everyone to support your local businesses with our colorful and modernistic banner. This simple banners promotes small business owners and keeps a sense of community at the top of people’s minds while walking through the streets of a town or city. The street banners feature the words ‘EAT, DRINK & BUY LOCAL’ printed on a simplistic red square background. The banners can be used in permanent displays due to its durable design. The banners are printed on industrial strength 18oz. vinyl, a fully water proof and mildew resistant fabric that holds color well. In addition to the fabric the graphics are printed with UV resistant ink for fade resistant graphics. The graphics are printed on either side of the banner to allow maximum exposure.

The ‘Eat, Drink and Buy local’ street banner comes fitted with reinforced stitched pole sleeves on both ends and brass grommets for a hook. These features allow the banner to be used with any of our street banner hanging hardware (hardware is not included with the banner and must be purchased separately). Call us to find out about our network of street banner installers who are ready to visit your town or city for easy installation and assembly.

Our collection of stock street banners are available for shipment within one day of placing the order. These street banners are built for long term outdoor displays. See our custom street banners and custom products for more advertising options to increase your brand’s exposure. Our advertising flags, message banners and large American flags are also ideal for attracting potential customers. For more about our products contact an in-house expert on (800)628-3524. 



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