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30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole

30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole
Starting at: $999.99 As low as: $935.00

If you need a 30’ fiberglass flagpole for a commercial setting or a public space, Carrot-Top’s 30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole is an excellent choice. This American-made flagpole is rated for moderate to high winds and requires little maintenance.

  • One- or two-piece design
  • Glossy gelcoat finish protects the fiberglass material against harsh weather or the sun’s UV rays
  • Flagpole overall height is 33’, with 3’ embedded in ground
  • Flagpole tapers 1/16” per foot, from a butt diameter of 5.1” to a top diameter of 2.75”
  • Wall thickness of 0.18”
  • Recommended for 5’ x 8’ nylon flag, with a maximum flag size of 6’ x 10’
  • Flagpole shaft is backed by a 20-year warranty
  • Rated for wind speeds of 170 mph without flag, or 130 mph with a 5’ x 8’ nylon flag
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.
  • Do Not store flagpole in corrugated shipping materials; see more images or description below for details

It’s easy to order a 30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole from Carrot-Top – just select the construction and quantity desired and click the blue “Add to Cart” button. For more information, see the Description tab.

Starting at: $999.99


Why Buy a 30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole?

Carrot-Top’s 30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole offers an excellent value and is a good all-around fit for public areas. This 30’ fiberglass flagpole features a handsome gloss-coated white finish, is maintenance-free and should never rust or corrode like aluminum flagpoles, and it can withstand moderate to high winds and years of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. And don’t forget – when you purchase an American-made flagpole, you’re supporting American enterprise and keeping Americans working!  

The 30’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole comes complete with everything you need for installation, setup and flag display, including:

Fiberglass is a non-conductive material, meaning that a fiberglass flagpole should never attract lightning – making it a great choice for playgrounds, courtyards, parks and other public spaces and one that will comply with any insurance requirements regarding this.

For other color options, call 800-628-3524 and speak to a Carrot-Top representative. 

NOTE: While this 30’ fiberglass flagpole is available in one- and two-piece designs, please be aware that the one-piece flagpole requires a special oversize truck and shipping costs will be higher. There’s no difference, however, in the strength, rigidity and wind ratings of the one- and two-piece flagpoles. Standard delivery time will be two to three weeks after receipt of your order.

Be sure to remove your flagpole from the corrugated packaging. Do not store your flagpole while it is in the packaging as this will permanently stain your flagpole if it becomes wet. Check out these guides more details on Delivery and Installation or Repair and Maintenance



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