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Nylon 35 Star Flag


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Nylon 35 Star Flag

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3’ x5’ Nylon 35 Star flags are fashioned with strong but lightweight nylon that dries quickly and flies effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Our flags:

  • Are crafted with superior 200 denier nylon
  • Measure 3’x5’ and conveniently fit most flagpoles
  • Showcase 35 white, five pointed stars, vibrant red and white  stripes and bold blue colors
  • Resist damage from the sun, rain dust and dirt
  • Create dynamic displays in almost any location.

For more information see the description tab below.  Show off your patriotism with our 354 Star flag by entering the number needed and clicking “Add to Cart”.

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The 35 Star flag became the official flag of the United States on July 4th, 1863. The additional star recognized the admission of Wisconsin as the 35th state on June 20, 1863.  This flag served ou recognized the admission of Wisconsin as the 35th state, and was used for two years under Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Our 35 star US flags are made with finely woven nylon and bold beautiful colors that shine brilliantly in the sun.  The flags are fitted with a strong canvas header and solid brass grommets.  Our flags are designed for long term outdoor use in moderate climates with milder winds. Carrot-Top offers a broad range of flags and other products including sports flags, patriotic products and custom items. Our collection of flags includes Historic U.S. flags and Historic International Flags, military flags, US State and City flags and American flags. Our Patriarch Polyester American flag and our Beacon® Nylon American flag are exclusive Carrot-Top flags with superior craftsmanship. We also feature a wide selection Wisconsin State flags.  For more details or for assistance ordering any product simply call (800) 628-3524. Our team of customer service experts is standing by to assist you.



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