Hanger For Fabric Table Skirts

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Our Hanger for Fabric Table Skirts is ideal for rooms or locations with little to no additional storage space. This sturdy, metal hanger is a great solution for hanging your table skirts, when not in use, as opposed to piling them in a closet or a drawer. To order the hanger for fabric table skirts, enter your desired quantity below and click the “Add to Cart” button. For more information, see the description tab below.


The Hanger for Fabric Table Skirts measures 21” in length and allows for most fabric table skirts to be folded and stored in a neat and clean manner. The hook top of the hanger affords you the storage option of hanging instead of stacking or placing them into a box, which can result in wrinkles. Available in an off-white, bone finish, this hanger will fit in nicely if hanging in any space. Well-made yet lightweight, this metal hanger will last for years to come and will easy for anyone to use.

In addition to the Hanger as a storage option, Carrot-Top Industries also offers a wide range of table coverings. Our Low-Cost Table Throws are a great option for a seamless display without breaking the budget. Shirred and Box-Pleated Table Skirts and Toppers create a 2-piece display style which allows you to choose your color options. For a more tailored, personalized look, our custom table coverings allow your company or school logo to be used with their corresponding colors.

Along with table coverings and storage options for them, we offer high-quality, American-Made United States flags for both outdoor and indoor use as well as cemetery marking flags and hand-held flags. Our exclusive Beacon Nylon and Patriarch Polyester styles are ideal for any outdoor display. For lightweight to moderate breezes, choose the Beacon® and for heavier winds, the Patriarch® would be recommended. For more information, contact our Customer Service Team by calling (800)628-3524.

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