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Freedom Vehicle Flagpole


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The Freedom Vehicle Flagpole is a premium vehicle mounted flagpole. The Freedom mount attaches directly to larger vehicles and is not held by magnets. It comes complete with adjustable locking collars and includes two spring snaps for fastening. The mount is designed to be used with flags up to 4'x6' and features a tangle free rotating pole. The freedom mount is intended for use with parade and other slow moving vehicles at special events. Read the description tab below for the flagpole specifications.

The Freedom vehicle mount is a 6' flagpole that attaches directly onto a parade vehicle or other slow moving large vehicle. The flagpole shaft is a 1" diameter made of stainless steel with mirror-finished polish. The Freedom vehicle mount is finished with a welded and polished ornamental ball measuring 1.5" in diameter. The pole also features a handle at the base with a diameter of 1.25".

The Freedom Vehicle Mount comes with two spring snaps that are able to hold flags sized up to 4'x6'. It also has locking collars to hold the flag in position which use a 1/8" Allen wrench for tightening and a rotation system which allows the flag to swivel 360 degrees without tangling.

**This pole is recommended for parade and slow moving traffic only**

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Parade vehicles
August 4, 2014 by Sandy G. (FL, USA)
“Our station bought these flagpoles to attach to our trucks for parade usage. Good quality, easy to put up and take down.”