Flat Mount Banner Brackets

Starting At: $117.00

Our Flat Mount Banner Brackets are designed to hang banners flat against a building, column or wall. Available in Black or Silver these banner brackets can accommodate banners that are 18”, 24”, 30”, or 36” wide.

The Flat mount banner brackets are recommended for use with 18oz. vinyl street banners (vertical banners) or mesh street banners. For more about these flat surface banner brackets see the description tab below the product selection options. 

The flat mount banner brackets can be attached to any hard flat surface for a long lasting banner display, ideal for decorating or advertising your business, organization or event. The banner bracket set places the banner flush against the flat surface and prevents it from moving or waving around. The set includes four mounting plates measuring 4”x2” each, two ¾” diameter rods for the top and bottom pole sleeves of the banner, pull rings, end caps and clevis pins to make sure that the banners are fastened securely on to the bracket. The length of the rods depend on the width of your street banner. The black banner brackets are available with a layer of black powder coat.

Pair a banner bracket with one of our exclusive street banners, our themed designs include patriotic street banners, holiday street banners and more. We also offer full custom street banners where you can design your own banner to reflect your business or event. All of our custom products get special attention from our in-house graphics team. The team walks you through each and every step and even helps you design the product. Browse through our iconic American flags and patriotic décor as well. For more information contact us on (800)628-3524.

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