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Wyoming State Flags

The Wyoming State flag reflects the history and natural beauty of the “Cowboy State”.  The Wyoming flag displays a white silhouette of an American Bison in the center of a blue field with a red border.  The red symbolizes the Native Americans and the blood of the pioneers who gave their lives settling the territory.  The white represents the purity of the land and the uprightness of the Wyoming people.  The blue denotes the color of the sky, distant mountains as well as justice and virility. The bison signifies local fauna while the seal on the bison symbolizes the custom of branding livestock.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Wyoming state flags are available in several varieties including two different outdoor fabrics.   Our outdoor Beacon Nylon Wyoming flag, a Carrot-Top Exclusive, is made with strong, durable yet lightweight nylon that dries quickly and flies in the slightest breeze.  Our extra-tough Patriarch Polyester Wyoming flag, also a Carrot Top exclusive, is crafted with extra tough, skillfully woven polyester that has the texture and feel of cotton. The Patriarch Polyester Wyoming flag features a strong canvas heading, brass grommets and is built to withstand the harsh winds and extreme climates.

 Indoor Wyoming state flags are fashioned with exquisitely stitched nylon and feature luxurious, gold fringe on three sides. Choose from an assortment of Majestic flagpoles and stands to create a clean, distinguished look. 4”x6” miniature and our mini 8”x12” Wyoming flags are ideal for classrooms, parades, special events, and more. Both miniature flags are made with polyester and rayon and come mounted on a black plastic staff or dowel with a plastic spearhead.  American Flag and Wyoming state flag lapel pins are also available as the perfect gift, keepsake or giveaway, ideal for all ages and every event.

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