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Virginia State Flags

The Virginia State flag epitomizes the victorious Revolutionary struggle of the “Mother of States” with vivid symbols and imagery.  The Flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia contains the obverse, or opposite side, of the State Seal set in a field of blue.  The Virginia state Seal pictures the female figure of Virtus standing with the sword of authority over the defeated figure of Tyranny.  Virtus rests her foot on the Tyranny’s neck. This image, along with the motto: “Thus Always to Tyrants”, references the words attributed to Brutus at the slaying of Julius Caesar and symbolize young America’s victory over the unjust acts of the British monarchy.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Our Virginia state flags are available in several varieties including two outdoor fabrics. Our Beacon Nylon Outdoor Virginia flag, a Carrot-Top exclusive, is the most versatile state flag. These durable flags have the advantage of being strong yet lightweight.  This enables them to dry quickly and fly in the slightest breeze.   Our Patriarch Virginia flag, also a Carrot-Top exclusive, is the best quality, outdoor polyester flag available.  These state flags are crafted from tough, skillfully woven polyester and have the texture and feel of cotton. They are able to stand up to high winds, snow and ice and are the best choice for coastal areas and extreme weather conditions.

The indoor Virginia state flag is fashioned with exquisitely stitched nylon, a lined pole sleeve along the left side and plush, traditional gold fringe around the remaining sides.  Our miniature 4”x6” and mini 8”x12’ Virginia flags are made of polyester and rayon and come mounted on a black plastic staff with a plastic spearhead. Miniature flags are perfect for gifts, keepsakes, classrooms, special events and more.  

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