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Puerto Rico Territory Flags

The Puerto Rico flag celebrates the determination, vigilance and freedom of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico flag consists of five alternating red and white stripes and a five-pointed white star resting on a blue triangle. The two white stripes represent the Rights of man, freedom of the individual and the right to keep the government in balance. The red stripes denote the blood of the people which nourishes the three branches of the Puerto Rican government; Legislative, Executive and Judiciary.   The Puerto Rico flag traces its roots the Puerto Rico Revolutionary Movement. It bears a clear resemblance to the Cuban flag. Puerto Rico and Cuba both sought independence from Spain and saw the banner as a “Revolutionary Flag”.   Puerto Rico is often referred to as the Isle of Enchantment.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Our Puerto Rico state flags are available in several varieties including two outdoor fabrics. Our Beacon Nylon Outdoor Puerto Rico flag, a Carrot-Top exclusive, is our best all-round flag. This durable flags is both strong and lightweight.  This enables the flag to dry quickly and fly in the slightest breeze.   Our Puerto Rico Patriarch flag, also a Carrot-Top exclusive, is the best quality polyester Puerto Rican flag available.  These flags are crafted from tough, skillfully woven polyester and have the texture of cotton. They are able to stand up to high winds and are the best choice for coastal areas and extreme weather.

The indoor Puerto Rico state flag is designed with intricate stitching and beautiful embroidery.  Plush, gold fringe accents the remaining sides for a distinguished display. Our miniature 4”x6” and mini 8”x12’ flags are made of polyester and rayon. Miniature flags are perfect for gifts, keepsakes, classrooms, special events and more.  

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