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Nevada State Flags

The Nevada State flag emphasizes the unique character and the abundant mineral resources of the “Silver State”.  The flag echoes its fidelity to the nation with the Nevada state motto: “All for Our Country”. The Nevada flag features a solid, cobalt blue background. The canton contains two sagebrush branches encircling a silver star. The Star denotes the abundance of minerals like gold and silver found in the state. Silver is Nevada’s official state mineral.  The words “Battle Born” appear on a gold scroll above the star and signify that Nevada was admitted to the Union during the Civil War.  West Virginia is the only state that shares this distinction.  The word Nevada, derived from the Spanish meaning “snow-capped”, appears below the star. Louis Shellback II designed the flag in 1926. 


6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Nevada State flags are available in a variety of types, sizes and fabrics.   Our outdoor nylon Nevada flags are designed with our exclusive Beacon Nylon, a fast drying, lightweight yet strong material that waves effortlessly in the slightest breeze.  Our outdoor polyester Nevada flags, made with our exclusive Patriarch Polyester, are finished with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets. The outdoor Patriarch Nevada flags are extra –tough flags designed to withstand the elements and harsh weather climates and conditions.

 Indoor Nevada state flags feature exquisitely stitched nylon, vibrant colors and luxurious, gold fringe for a clean, distinguished look. The 4”x6” miniature and our mini 8”x12” Nevada flags are ideal for classrooms, parades, special events, and more. Both miniatures Nebraska flags are made with polyester and rayon and come mounted on a black plastic staff or dowel with a plastic spearhead.  American Flag and Nevada state flag lapel pins are also available as the perfect gift, keepsake or giveaway, ideal for all ages and every event.

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