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Mississippi State Flags

The Mississippi State flag emblazons the heritage and pride of the “Magnolia state”. Based on the “Stars and Bars”, Mississippi is only state which still depicts the saltire of the Confederate flag.  The Mississippi flag consists of three horizontal stripes of blue, white and red and the Confederate saltire or diagonal cross of St. Andrew in the upper left side or canton corner of the flag.  St. Andrew is believed to have used this version of the cross when preaching and may have been martyred on such a cross. Thirteen stars on the cross recognize the original 13 colonies.  The color red is a symbol of strength and valor, blue represents vigilance and truth while white signifies peace and honesty. The Mississippi Flag proudly reflects the history and pride of the state.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Mississippi State Flags are available in a variety of types and fabrics. Outdoor nylon flags feature our exclusive Beacon Nylon, a lightweight but durable nylon which dries quickly and sails in the faintest breeze.  Outdoor Patriarch polyester flags, also a Carrot Top exclusive, are beautifully woven and have the texture of cotton. These are extra-tough flags crafted to withstand heat, wind, rain and snow.

Indoor Mississippi flags are constructed with high quality, exquisitely stitched nylon and are the most versatile flag available.  The Mississippi indoor flags feature plush gold fringe around three sides and may be accented with the flagpole of your choice. Carrot- Top offers a wide selection of flagpoles to create the perfect look.  Mini 4”x6” and miniature 8”x12” Mississippi flags come mounted on a black plastic dowels and plastic spearhead to create the perfect, inexpensive keepsake to share with others.  American Flag and Mississippi flag lapel pins are also a classy token to express heritage and support.

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